Vale Farm

Situated 2 miles from the heart of Winchester, Vale Farm is a family-owned and run business that, along with self storage services, has been farming here for well over 50 years. Third generation farmer, Sam Burge, now runs Vale Farm day-to-day and has overseen the setup of over 300 storage containers and secure facilities, making Hall & Burge the largest storage facility in Winchester.

We pride ourselves on the sustainable way in which we run our farm. Not only do we utilise some of the land and barns to house and run our storage business, using recycled storage containers, but we power, light and heat them with the use of solar panels where possible. – Sam Burge

As well as being a high-health and welfare pig breeding unit for Waitrose’ highest standard pork, Vale farm houses Winchester’s main water reservoir. Where possible energy is sourced sustainably using solar panels and water is taken from the farm’s very own ‘borehole’. Vale Farm works hard to produce an array of ethically-farmed produce and ingredients for a range of industry uses, including:

  • Milling Wheat for bread making
  • Malting Barley for Whiskey
  • Barley for the Craft Ale market
  • Feed wheat for animal feeds
  • Oilseed Rape for alternative healthy cooking oils
  • Sage for the dried herb market
  • Poppies for Morphine production
  • Poppies for the Cosmetics industry

For information or enquiries specifically relating to Vale Farm, please contact: