24hr Security Guaranteed

All units are covered by CCTV and security lighting. Additionally, units housed inside our container ‘sheds’ also benefit from alarms and electronic key access, providing double the security.

We take your security seriously

Palisade fencing with tamper-proof lock gates

Steel Palisade Fencing is designed for security and sturdy protection. Cold rolled steel rails form an inaccessible solid barrier, which are widely used to meet high security standards in large industrial areas and public spaces alike.

24hr CCTV

All of our units, indoor and outdoor, are filmed around the clock and all footage is recorded – we ensure the highest level of security monitoring.

Strike-proof lock covers

Guaranteed maximum resistance to weathering and top master keying potential. Protects against the most common forms of attack (hammers, cutters, etc.) and exposure to damp, water and saline environments.

Motion sensing super-bright LED security lights

As well as lighting pathways and storage units when in use, our motion sensor security lights are triggered by the slightest movement at low light, ensuring any activity is clearly visible.

Proximity alarm system

An audible and visual warning system designed to prevent the risk of vehicle collisions – this technology is installed on all of our forklifts and other operating machinery to ensure safety at all times.

Electronic / push key locks

Our touchpoint, key card locks provide convenient access control at every entry point around Hall & Burge – giving you private, secure access at all times.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to arrange protection for my stored goods?

Yes, we can organize this for you. It is a condition of storing here that your goods must be protected whilst they are in storage with us. For further information about our StoreProtect arrangements please call us on  01962 820477 and we’ll be happy to help.

I’m a business and my needs are a little unusual – can you help?

Yes, just let us know what you need – we are confident we can accommodate your requirements. We have a large number of businesses using our storage units, from businesses that actually run from the container itself to specialist storage needs for stock, delicate items and equipment – whatever your needs, give us a call on 01962 820477 and we’ll be happy to help.

What happens if my storage unit is broken into, or the items within are damaged in any way?

We take security very seriously, with the systems we have in place forming the foundation of our business. With 24 hour CCTV recording on every single container, palisade fencing with tamper-proof lock gates, security lighting and proximity alarm systems, we are confident in the guaranteed security and safety of our facilities.

Regarding damage to property stored within our containers – we cannot guarantee that outdoor containers will not produce condensation and damp over long periods of time. We encourage everyone to ensure their items are properly protected, either via insurance, you arrange privately, or via us using our StoreProtect arrangements prior to them being stored, and to take all precautions to properly pack and protect items that may be more vulnerable to damage. We always offer advice and support to ensure this does not happen.

Why do you use shipping containers?

Shipping containers are designed to withstand life at sea for months on end, the containers we use have extra ventilation, to prevent the goods they hold from sweating. It is because of this we can guarantee your goods will leave in the same condition as they arrived. We offer 6 Different size storage containers and 6 different size lockers, to suit every need with the ability to drive straight up to your unit with 24-hour access. Our LED security lighting alarmed premises and facilities, which are approved by the Self Storage Association, provide a closed-circuit CCTV system recording 24 hours a day. We also offer tailored insurance on all of our containers – from household goods to high-value vintage cars, just ask and we’ll find a plan to cover your goods.